Discover Clientis as your SAP optimizer.

The SAP development and technology experts at Clientis offer you solutions at the latest SAP technology. Whether special solutions in established Business Suite processes, HANA-based, or Fiori/UI5-based applications – you can look forward to optimized processes, smart applications, improved performance, and a user-friendly interface as well as problem-free release changes and system upgrades.

Clientis – let’s make it work!

Industrial focus

Decades of experience implementing and integrating SAP systems make Clientis the ideal partner for large- and mid-sized SAP users. Clientis has proven success in optimizing processes for a wide range of industries by providing expert analysis and stable and sustainable implementation.

For example, we consistently set new and enduring standards for our customers in the fashion, footwear, sportswear, mechanical engineering, retail, and food sectors.

Fashion, Foot- & Sportswear

Fashion, Foot- & Sportswear

Integrated product development, optimized procurement and production processes, management of extensive product ranges, land management, or integrative sales and shipping processes are some of the typical challenges for which Clientis has long developed proven solutions in this sector.

In this field, PDM solutions have been integrated in ERP systems such as the Clientis solution for land management (VMI). Clientis VMI enables mapping of surfaces, assortments, product stocks, targeted area replenishment, and dedicated information about the processes on the surface.


Mechanical engineering

For manufacturers of mass-customized products, there is still great potential hidden in an improved coupling of all components of the supply chain. Tapping this potential is the aim of the diverse extensions of Clientis that are developed for customers in the mechanical engineering field.

This includes optimized use of classification and variant technology, improved disposition solutions for efficient use of machines and materials, as well as the support of automated warehouse processes and integrated product flow in production. Paperless production logistics based on scanners and mobile devices leads to a much less workload.



Retail chains as customers, batch products and product tracking, efficient warehousing, and optimized logistics processes are, in addition to the general optimization of procurement and production processes, special challenges in the food industry.

Clientis implements optimizations for customers from the various sectors in this field. The optimizations, which include a Clientis formulation software, have led to substantial added value generation thus far.

Process expertise

Many years of experience as an SAP implementation and development partner form the basis for our integrative process know-how. Many process requirements have been met through the intelligent use of SAP functions. The combination of expertise in the technical structure of applications and the comprehensive development options in the SAP system family gives real meaning to our “let’s make it work” motto and makes Clientis the ideal partner in all core areas of the SAP Business Suite.

We would be happy to assist you with the analysis and optimization of existing processes along the entire supply chain, from the product development, production, all the way through delivery and invoicing to the end customer. Working as a team, we realize customized solutions that are fully adapted to your needs.

Successful projects

  • Consultation, conception, and implementation of individually customized SAP S/4HANA Roadmaps
  • Optimization of processes in master data management and organization
  • Leaner production and procurement processes
  • Inventory and stock control
  • Simplified order entry
  • Integrative sales and shipping processes
  • Delivery optimization
  • Improvement of standard processes and transactions through targeted, modification free adjustments
  • Land management in trade
  • Provision of customized information systems


SAP partner

Profit by our longtime partnership with SAP. As a certified SAP Gold partner Clientis supports their customers on the highest level at the optimization of business processes and the implementation of SAP solutions.

Neptune Software partner

Since 2016 Clientis is an official partner of Neptune Software, a leading specialist for mobile SAP applications. Together with Neptune we provide you cost-efficient and secure solutions for the usage of SAP functions on smartphones, tablets and desktops.